Tea365  was born out of a profound passion for Bubble Tea in July 2024, envisioned by a group of enthusiastic young founders. The mission of Tea365 is to redefine the Bubble Tea experience for both current aficionados and future fans. Amidst a sea of Bubble Tea brands, Tea365 strives to distinguish itself by providing innovative products, exceptional services, and a unique atmosphere that sets it apart from the rest. Recognizing Bubble Tea as a global craze, our goal is to enhance the boba experience, making it more enjoyable and accessible for both die-hard enthusiasts and those new to the scene. Beyond milk tea, Tea365 offers an extensive selection of distinctive beverages designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of preferences, all while garnering the invaluable support of our customers and the wider community.


At Tea 365, the essence of our crafting journey is the mastery of mixing distinct teas. We initiate with a foundation of remarkable flowers and fruits, forging tea blends that are without equal. Into this sophisticated mix, we weave in surprising, locally sourced components that challenge the standard norms of tea production. These innovative brews are what we proudly call our Concept Teas.

Transparency and Responsibility

Tea365 focuses not only on the quality of our products but also on transparency throughout the entire process, from the origin of ingredients to the methods of preparation. Customers can easily learn about the source and benefits of each ingredient used, creating a reliable and responsible environment.


Get ready to be amazed by the most exceptional tea beverage you've ever tasted with Tea365. From the careful selection to the meticulous preparation of your tea, every step is finely tuned using only the most pristine, high-grade, natural ingredients. Our dedication to this craft guarantees a taste and quality that remains unparalleled.


Tea365 isn't merely a milk tea brand; we're the epitome of a lifestyle vibrant with color and energy, where each cup of milk tea captures the spirit of innovation and joy. At Tea365, milk tea transcends being just a drink—it's the narrative of freedom, connection, and an emotional crescendo.

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